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Inside DrinksOnMe virtual bar, you can


Chat with random Strangers

You can converse either one on one or in a group (up to 5 persons)


Adjust bar's ambient

Adjust bar's ambient, music, and volume to your preference


Play with our converstaion starters

Our bartender can help you facilitate the conversation with cocktails and questions

Somebody is waiting for you . . .

Don't make them wait too long . . .

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Get a special hat & deals

Meet people in DrinksOnMe community

Access to "Match by drink" feature and more exclusive features in the future !


The encouragement I’ve gotten from P’Gam made me realise that I have potential to study and become a better person.

Thank you for brightening up my day :) Thank you all the creators for such an amazing website !! ❤️☕


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Customize background and feature your business

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